Illustrious North

ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH is a Lab concept that makes use of children illustrators work to rethink the relation between young people and their environments. It is developed based on concrete needs to foster cross-sector collaboration (bring together the experience from different sectors to identify and analyse common features, approaches and instruments; cross fertilisation of ideas between the different sectors), associating CCIs (Cultural and Creative Industries) with very diverse sectors through innovative processes such as design driven innovation (users needs satisfied through experience (meaning)) and co-creation. The ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH project is localised in the Nordic countries and builds on the capacity of the children illustration sector to generate spillover effects, by taking illustration out of the traditional book medium and into various fields such as the fashion, tourism and the alternative education worlds. For this reason ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH has been thought to operate through A PROCESS-ORIENTED activity (ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH Lab), where illustration is used as a tool that can foster alternative and innovative practices in the field of education and creativity.

We are addressing Nordic countries as they support a respectful view on childhood, represent a combination of mind openness and curiosity regarding innovation, leadership in the field of alternative education and design as well as strong roots regarding children illustration and storytelling. Nordic countries are also deeply involved with the sustainable development of their countries where very innovative research and projects are being developed and rely on the principles of the circular economy.

Main topics:

  • Topic 1 – FASHION DESIGN – Innovative/smart illustrated patterns for the sustainable fashion sector. More…
  • Topic 2 – HEALTH/WELLBEING DESIGN – Illustration as an interface between children and their development. More…
  • Topic 3 – DESIGN AS STORYTELLING – Opportunities for illustration to drive the development of interactive storytelling (coming soon)
  • Topic 4 – DESIGN FOR EDUCATION – New illustration practices based on innovative education principles. More…

“Drawing is a powerful way to learn, even better than writing, viewing or listening. Information drawn are remembered nearly twice as much as written one. And it is not about beautiful drawings, it is about the process”!

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